New Artist at Wink eyewear St. Joseph


Aside from being a lovely lady and an all around delightful friend of Wink, Abigail Hausmann creates beautiful works of art exploring the ethereal feminine form in landscapes of layered colors and misty gaussian blur.

Abigail hails from Atchison, KS and we are so pleased to finally be able to show her work and feature another local artist.

Join Us This Saturday for Abigail Hausmann’s Art Opening.

  • June 1st

  • 4pm to 6pm (at our St. Joseph Location)

  • Drinks and Lite Bites on the house

Please feel free to stop for drinks and light bites.

To me, the most beautiful things are sweeping landscapes, the human form, and deeply saturated jewel-toned colors. My canvases are layered with these elements and allowed to overlap and interact without being bound by dimensions and rules we are all tied to in the real world.
— Abigail Hausmann

Artsy Specials at the Opening:

  • Drawing for Door Prizes

  • Lite Bites

  • Drinks

  • Accidentally Fall in Love with a new frame and we’ll give you $100 off

  • Fall in Love with a work of Art and we’ll let you buy it

Please bring friends.  The booze is free.